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Why A Wedding Planner...

Planning a wedding can take an unbelievable amount of time and effort, and with more of us getting married later in life and working full time as well as already having a family, planning the day of your dreams can turn into a very stressful event. These days a wedding planner is not a luxury reserved for the rich and famous, we are there to help give you guidance and advice, as well as doing all of the running around and research for you. Our priorities lie solely with you, your wedding objectives and of course the all important budget. Once your budget has been established a wedding planner should never offer you something you can't afford.

A wedding planner can often save you money, as we work with a range of suppliers which will mean they may get repeat business, which of course as a bride you hope you won't be doing. Therefore discounts can be negotiated. Without A Hitch doesn't take commission from suppliers therefore passing any and all discounts directly to you.

It is our job to help make your wedding day happen exactly the way you want it. We also bring our own Emergency Kit to every wedding, so if you forget something or a button pops off - we've got it covered.

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